By the facts: Economy is thriving in Donetsk People's Republic - Special official report - DONi News Agency -02.11.2016

According to the factual numbers, given by the DPR Ministry Economic Development, economic output in the country has even surpassed the pre-war levels. This information gives also needed answer to the important question, from where the new people's republic in Donbass gets funding for its budget?

"The economic blockade and the ongoing hostilities have had a significant negative effect on the area’s economic output, but the situation has been stabilized and many areas show signs of improvement. In some spheres the output has surpassed the pre-war levels",

- says the minister of economic development, Victoria Romanyuk.

DPR reached 47 % economic output from pre-war level

The total economic output of the DPR is now 47% of its pre-war level. Over a two-year period 60% of companies have resumed activities comparing to the pre-war period. Volume of final industrial products of the main variants of industrial activity has reached 31% of its pre-war level.

Volume of retail sales is at 26,1% and average staffing number of regular employees is at 61% of pre-war levels.

Agriculture production increased over 100 % from pre-war levels

Especially the agricultural output has seen a considerable increase. Meat production (animal and fowl butchering in live weight) is at 123,2% and cereal and leguminous crops production is at 113,6% of pre-war levels. Potato production is at 134,8% levels and field vegetables are produced 2,1 times compared to the pre-war output. 

Processed farmyard fowl meat production saw a 3,1-fold increase. Animal feed is produced 114,9% more and the production of a natural mineral water increased 5,5 times compared to the pre-war volumes. The production of eggs remains at 69,2% of pre-war levels.

According to the preliminary results from crop harvesting of 2016 (harvesting continues), comparing to 2013, 3,7 times more spring wheat was gathered and the production winter wheat is at 133,3% and barley at 119,9% of pre-war figures. The development and production of greenhouses for year-round vegetable growth has also seen a positive trend.

DPR population is growing, more children born

This year has seen the turning in the population growth from negative to positive, as the net migration growth during January – August amounted to 585 people in the republic. In addition, 1507 more children were born in this year compared to the same period in 2015.