Food Industry is Being Revived in Donetsk People's Republic - TV Report - 22.12.16 - DONi news

Together 137 big enterprises of food industry operate in the Donetsk People`s Republic. Since the beginning of a year the number has increased on 20 percents. Thus, according to the DPR Ministry of economic Development, some enterprises have not only reached the former capacity but have increased an output. 



"In percentage terms, the bakery enterprises are presented in 100 percentage, we can also produce salami products, with our capacity we can not only produce but overproduce and export this kind of products",

-said Viktoriya Romaniuk, DPR Acting Minister of Economic Development.

"Some enterprises have managed to find a niche in Donbass food industry. "Lots of enterprises started to find new niche. The spices, vinegar started to be packed up. The production is started of new types of dairy products, confectionery, salami,"

-she said. 

Still the Ministry Economic Development specifies that yet much is to be done in Republic. One of the prior directions in 2017 – development of vegetables production and gardening. It is necessary to do in order to make prices on vegetables and fruits more affordable for ordinary consumers.